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“History is written by the victors.” Deo Vindice!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Confederate Heritage and Pride Radio show is back up and Running!

We are back up and running God Bless the South!

Guest Call-in(818) 691-7342 if you would like to speak to the host

A Confederate page where you can Express Your Southern Pride! God BLESS DIXIE AND THE REBEL FLA...G AND ALL OF THE CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR SOUTHERN STATES. Keep those flags flying high and proud!

No, I'm no more racist than the next person. The fact is that the War between the states A had very little to do with slavery. In fact, it had nothing to with slavery until 1863 when Lincoln used it as a political agenda to save his sorry, dictator wannabe butt.

The War Between the States was about state rights. The north was imposing tariffs out the wazoo on the south. Illegal tariffs, I might add.

Sure, the south wasn't perfect; who is? All I'm saying is that they were the ones ultimately in the right in that 19th century fiasco and they took the flack for it because the winners write the history books. No the true history is written by warriors.

If you want to argue with me, please, argue intelligently. I loath hippies.
Just remember two things: 1) THE NORTHERN STATES HAD MANY SLAVES; 2)The emancipation proclamation claimed (because it had no legal authority) to free only the slaves in the "rebelling states." Northerners were free to keep their slaves until the 13th Amendment.

Why does it matter? Because a lot of heroes died trying to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which was, at the time, still the Supreme Law of the Land in most cases. After this atrocity more commonly known as the "Civil War," all clauses and amendments regarding states rights have been ignored in every case that didn't directly benefit the federal government.

It's always important to realize when, where, and how freedoms were eroded. We're supposed to learn from the past, not turn a blind eye.

“I am a Loyal Confederate Southern in the service of the just and honorable cause of the South, in behalf of the Citizens of the Confederate States of America.

It is my purpose and mission to reclaim the honor of our forefathers who fought, suffered, bled and died in agony in our nation’s defense.

Unfurl and raise our Confederate States National Flag to it’s rightful place and glory.

Duty, responsibility and my own personal honor require of me to do whatever is lawful, peaceful and honorable, in order to restore the Confederate States Constitution to power, reseat the Confederate State Government, and reinstate the Confederate States of America to it’s rightful independence.

With these words I swear my pledge of loyalty forever!”

Deo Vindice!


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