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“History is written by the victors.” Deo Vindice!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Confederate Heritage and Pride Radio show tonight at 11 PM Central Time
Call in to speak with the host 818) 691-7342
Call in tonight the show is at 11:00 Central Time

Tonight we will be talking about new rules on the pages and why we will not tolerate hate on these pages. The new rules will include what your profile needs to have to be accepted to the pages. Anyone is more than welcome to call in about this topic.


Thank you Confederate Rebel Burton
Confederate Heritage and Pride Director

Friday, April 4, 2014

Almost 3,000 Members on Confederate Heritage and Pride Group

Almost 3,000 Members on Confederate Heritage and Pride. This Group has been around for 2 years now and have only accepted the best people. Thank you for all your support and 300 more and we hit 3,000. We are now joining directly with the Alabama Flaggers to support them as well. Deo Vindice and God bless the South!

Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton
Confederate Heritage Directors

Guardians of The Confederacy May 3rd Washington DC

The time has come to gather with fervent as a troupe of Guardians of the Confederacy. To honor the memory of hollowed ground and monuments that still ignite the flow of Southern Blood. We have not surrendered to the decievers of our rights. It is now time to be symbols of our great Heritage, to be courageous and have t...he incentive to march on Washington DC, to show our noble Cause and let them in Washington and America know that Dixie didnt die in 1865. We are planning a march on Washington May 3rd 2014, this will give each of us time to prepare ahead and come together in great numbers, flying our flags and waking up those that are trying to destroy us. Be a Guardian of the Confederacy and march with the Alabama Flaggers. God Bless the Confederacy now, and with our spirit forever. Alabama Flaggers will be in Washington DC on May 3rd we have booked our hotel already. Join us in our fight for our Confederate Heritage. We already have 87 people going lets work on getting some more. We will be set up at the national mall abd have contacted Washington already to let them know we are coming and have already had some speeches setup by Damien McGill and Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Congressman will attend. Hope to see you all there. Thanks and God bless the South. If you have any questions contact Freda Mincey burton or me.
Deo Vindice,
Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton
Directors of Confederate Heritage and Pride
Director and Co-Director of the Alabama Flaggers