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Monday, March 31, 2014

University Greys Article by Freda Mincey Burton Director Confederate Heritage

On the campus of the University of Mississippi young men are going through their daily routines, talking about sweethearts, families, studies, and their futures. The school was opened in 1848, in Oxford, Mississippi. On May 4th, 1861 after Mississippi seceded from the Union, most of the faculty and students joined the Confederacy, not knowing what laid before them. They were called the "University Grey's", because of the color of their uniforms and coming from Mississippi University. 135 out 139 students enlisted, Co A 11th Mississippi Infantry they became part of the Army of Northern Virginia and served in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.  When the Fall Semester started only four young men showed up for class and the university closed, but for the "University Grey's", it had only begun. A letter had to be written on behalf of the young men  to the college for reception or rejection, but they said if they are sent home they will join other companies so they must be allowed to do some fighting, and they were allowed to stay enlisted. The "University Grey's, fought in some of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chickamauga, Seven Pines, and Gettysburg.
   At Gettysburg the "University Grey's", were are part of Pickett's Charge. They attacked to the left of  Brain Farm the 12th New Jersey were positioned behind a fence armed with  smoothbore 1842 Springfield Rifles loaded with 6 and 9 pound buckshot. The "Grey's", penetrated further into union positions than any other unit. The 12th New Jersey held their fire until the 11th Mississippi was 50 yards away and unleashed hell ! The 11th Mississippi, the " University Grey's", vanished into the history of the Confederacy they had 100% casualties.
   The young men from the campus of Mississippi State University, with their dreams and futures are only with us in spirit.  The "University Grey's", should always be in our memory, held close to our hearts, for the sacrifice of their young lives for our beloved Confederacy.
by: Freda Mincey Burton  copyright 2014

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